Performance at the Dance Complex's "Some Times Together: Faculty & Friends"

May 10, 11, 2014

Our performances of "In Blue Orchids" went very well. We managed to grab the big studio at the Dance Complex  & run-thru the work with Soojin Kang, our pianist, before the show on both days, which certainly helped. The dancers work well together, & their commitment to the work is visible. Each performance was better than the last. Not surprisingly, they received many compliments on their beauty, dancing, & artistry. Well done indeed!

This version is superior to the earlier one (performed in Somerville's 3rd Life Studios & at Green St. Studios), in so many ways, even with five rather than six dancers. It's simplicity now seems so obvious & natural that it's now amusing to consider the twists & turns it took to arrive at it. 

Soojin played well, soldiering ahead on a less than ideal, rather tinny sounding, upright piano badly in need of tuning. Brava!

Ruth Bronwen Whitney's costumes are gorgeous, & I am grateful indeed for her lovely work.

All things considered, it's a successful realization of a work that began slowly last summer. Who knew what lay ahead or where it was going then.