David Sun began his group, SundanceX, in 2012, to explore classically based choreography in a collaborative process with dancers and musicians, understanding how that approach might enhance the work with increased potency and vibrancy. His background in classical ballet as a dancer and teacher has given him a deep understanding of how the wonders and joy of ballet and dance influences and transforms lives. SundanceX offers a uniquely fresh, inspiring and diverse view of classical ballet

What began as a summer project quickly grew into a tightly interlaced group in 2012, and by 2014 the company gained non-profit 501(3) (c) status as a member of Boston Dance Alliance. SundanceX most recently performed its much loved Passagio Serenata (2019) at the 11th Annual Dance for the World Community produced by José Mateo's Ballet Theatre in Harvard Square, and at Integrate's 2019 Winter Showcase, in March 2019, produced by Carlos Molina and Erica Cornejo, in Boston’s Jamaica Plains. The 2018 Southern Vermont Dance Festival invited SundanceX to perform its contemporary ballet, Caprice (2017) in Brattleboro, which was also performed at the Green Street Studios Ballet Showcase in 2017. SundanceX has danced often in the Greater Boston area, including four consecutive years in José Mateo's Ballet Theatre's Dance for the World Community in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA; dancing Etudes (2016) in Newport, RI, at Island Moving Company's Great Friends Festival; and Images (2015) with Benjamin Briones' Round Table Festival 2016 in both NJ and at New York City's Gibney Studios.

                  ”Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for – liberation.” Martha Graham



Passagio Serenata  at Green St. Studios, July 15, 2017. Cambridge, MA.

Passagio Serenata at Green St. Studios, July 15, 2017. Cambridge, MA.