Passagio Serenata. Choreography by David Sun. Music by Josef Suk.

Premiere (two movements): July 20, 2017

This dance was made to Josef Suk’s rhapsodic work, "Serenade for Strings in E flat Major, Op. 6". It is a plotless, classical dance reflecting the nature of the score, with its lyrical romanticism and wistfulness, and a hint of the real life drama of the composer's love for his teacher's daughter before she became his wife - his teacher being Antonin Dvorak. Dvorak, in fact, encouraged him to write something less melancholic, which was Suk's natural inclination, which resulted in this beautiful composition.


Caprice. Choreography by David Sun. Music by John Mackey.

Premiere: April 21, 2017

Caprice is a three movement work that begins with John Mackey’s Redline Tango, and takes that as a point of departure. The dance explores the furthest boundaries of the tango while using a classically based vocabulary, constructing its form in the architecture of the rhythmically complex score, always recognizing its unique vitality. The dance continues that exploration in the following two movements...


Torsades des Pointes. Choreography by David Sun. Music by Frederick Chopin

Premiere: April 8, 2016

This work, to two Chopin Nocturnes, Torsades de Pointes is choreographed to two Chopin Nocturnes, and literally translates to "twisting of the points", an abnormal heart rhythm that can lead to sudden cardiac death. Torsades is a twisting of threads. In this work, it refers to a twisting of the heart, because of problems inherent in trying to communicate over distances - physical or otherwise, in ways that could prove to be fatal.