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Green St. Studios Benefit

Every now and again the stars align into a brilliant display.

Such a moment is about to happen.

The wonderful students, dance makers, companies, experimenters and players of Green Street are coming together in four shows over two evenings in a brilliant lineup of talent, creativity and fun.

If you are part of the Green Street community in any capacity, please come a welcome these astral bodies into the warm and supportive constellation that is Green Street.

Two shows each night: 7:00pm & 9:00pm, each with almost completely different performers

Even if you are not able to attend, please consider expressing your support with purchase of a ticket.

Tickets: $15

The lineup

May 20th 7:00pm
Jenna Mitchell - Contemporary
Seyyide Sultan - Middle Eastern
Larry Pratt - Fusion
Lilly Cryan - Modern / Contemporary
Andy Taylor-Blenis - Jazz/Modern
Belinda Be - Interactive Conceptual Performance Art
Jana Jacobson - Contemporary

May 20th 9:00pm
Larry Pratt - Fusion
Alicia Downey - Flamenco
Jennifer Crowell - Contemporary Lyrical
Amia Cervantes - Contemporary
Kelly Donovan - Modern
Jenna Mitchell - Contemporary

May 21st 7:00pm
Yosi Karahashi - Flamenco
David Sun - Ballet. Torsades des Pointes
Joe Burgio - Improvisation
Marta Moussa - Hula
Julia Altenbach - Flamenco
Jenna Mitchell - Contemporary

May 21st 9:00pm
Laura Sanchez - Flamenco
Jenna Mitchell - Contemporary
Madaline Riley - Urban Contemporary
Amia Cervantes - Contemporary
Liz Ronka - Improvisation (Paul Laurey')
Joe Bergio's Company - Improvisation
Chinhwe - Experimental Music and Dance
Marta Moussa - Hula