Dance Informa:

Divergence - convergence. Green Street Studios’ Ballet Showcase

Green Street Studios, Cambridge, Massachusetts. 
April 22, 2017.

.... SundanceX’s Caprice (from Choreographer and Artistic Director/Founder David Sun).... With vocabulary such as parallel passés, layouts, and even a Fosse-style Italian pas de chat, the piece was certainly full of capricious and jazzy fun. It offered a Balanchine-esque twist on classicism delivered with flair and lots of fast footwork. Bright costume colors, a different one for each dancer’s unitard, added to that sense of fun and flair. The dancers executed those difficult allegro sections, as well as slower sections with sustained extensions and turns, commendably.

On the other hand, one could wonder what the skillful choreography – and its execution – might look like if the dancers took more risk with it. Releases to the floor felt very controlled and safe, for instance, lacking drama that might have been compelling (with the exception of one dancer in a yellow costume). Perhaps the young dancers, with impressive technique for their apparent ages, are at a stage where it’s either technical command or a daring approach to their dancing. They show much promise and potential. In any case, Sun made good use of levels in space and stage sections, to create a pleasing stage picture.

By Kathryn Boland